Leadership Team

oSTEM Student Officers

Lauren Hagen (they/she) – President

Lauren Hagen

  • Fourth-year studying Computer Science, Design, and Music
  • Ask me about cool spots to bike to and how to get involved with oSTEM!
  • Contact: hage0585@umn.edu



Alex Kincaid-Beal (they/them) – Vice President

Alex Kincaid-Beal

  • Senior studying History and Biology, Society, and Environment
  • Ask me about how to get involved with oSTEM!
  • Contact: kinca092@umn.edu





Zachary Benson (he/him) – Treasurer

Zachary Benson

  • Third-year studying Computer Science
  • Ask me about space
  • Contact: bens1060@umn.edu


Olivia Costa (she/her) – Secretary

Olivia Costa





Heather Breidenbach (she/her) – Outreach Chair

Heather Breidenbach

  • Senior studying Biomedical Engineering
  • Ask me about deep brain stimulation work
  • Contact: breid040@umn.edu






Riya Shankar (they/them) – Communications Chair

Riya Shankar

  • Senior majoring in Biology Society and the Environment with minors in Public Health and Spanish
  • Ask me about: my research in food justice in the Twin Cities!
  • Contact: shank287@umn.edu




Niko Deshpande (they/he) – Events Archivist

Niko Deshpande

  • Junior studying Environmental Engineering
  • Ask me about Vampire: the Masquerade, thrifting, video games, my two kittens
  • Contact: deshp131@umn.edu




oSTEM Advisors

Alon McCormick (he/him)

Head shot of Alon McCormick, oSTEM advisor.

  • Professor since 1989 in Chemical Engineering
  • Also graduate advisor for Materials Science and Chemistry
  • Ask me about my LGBTQ+ rights work in grad school in the 80s!
  • Contact: mccormic@umn.edu


Alisa Dean (she/her)

Head shot of Alisa Dean, oSTEM Advisor.

  • Academic Advisor in Computer Science & Engineering Department
  • Fun fact: I submitted a "quilt on a stick" and crop/seed art to the Minnesota State Fair this year!
  • Contact: ajdean@umn.edu


Kai Takatsuka (he/him)

Kai Takatsuka








  • CAPE Academic and Career Coach
  • My name comes from the Hawaiian word for ocean. My father grew up in Hawaii, and I have spent many summers there. I am also an animal lover!
  • Contact: kai@umn.edu